Carpentry Trade Schools

If you enjoy working with your hands, pick a carpentry trade school and start a prosperous future. Training prepares students for entry-level employment in the carpentry trade. Students become proficient in the use of power equipment to ensure success as a craftsman in the carpentry trade. You can pick a course online that teaches all the basics of the carpentry trade, including how to read blueprints.


Carpentry is divided into four sections: occupational Carpenters Reading skills, formwork, framing, and interior or exterior finishing. Carpentry skills are used in milling, fastening, joining, assembling, erecting and dismantling structural and architectural materials, and these are just some of the responsibilities a good carpenter will handle during a day’s work. Residential carpentry can be more artistic if you are the creative type. Commercial carpentry may require more and different types of skills and certification.


Students will be encouraged to seek an apprenticeship as a means of furthering their skills towards journeyman level in the carpentry trade. The Carpentry apprenticeship program is four years long with students attending classes in both theoretical and practical aspects of the Carpentry trade for six weeks each year and leads to interprovincial certification. Carpentry Pre-apprentice Program This program is designed to enable students to enter the carpentry trade in a number of areas from new construction framing to renovations and remodeling.

The course is set up to cover the broad areas of the industry in phase one and to cover, in more detail, components of the carpentry trade in depth in the second phase of the program. The Course objectives are to introduce safety regulations and practices for the carpentry trade Introduce materials and applications To develop an understanding of the work habits and practical techniques required in the carpentry trade To develop an understanding of the various areas of specialization and job opportunities within the trade To promote the proper use of trade tools and the ability to use them efficiently To develop the ability to read and work from trade blueprints.

The carpentry trade is well suited to those who enjoy working outdoors and working with their hands, applying creative ingenuity to building. Now consider this; every building you see needed a team of skilled carpenters to complete it; even the furniture in our homes is crafted by someone who has training in the carpentry trade. Exposed to hazards of carpentry trade including various carpentry equipment such as saws, nail guns, power tools, scaffolding, etc. Carpentry has been thoroughly updated and expanded to reflect the latest trends and accepted practices of the carpentry trade.