5 SEO Tricks To Rank Higher in 2022

Here are 5 SEO tricks that will help you rank higher this year:

  1. Make Use of Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords have a “long” keyword phrase as opposed to general search terms which usually consist of 3, 4, or 5 words. SEO Glasgow agreed that you should use long-tail keywords because they have less competition so it will be easier for you to rank well if your page is targeted to a specific long-tail keyword. More importantly, there’s a good chance that these people searching for long-tail keywords are already qualified leads — making them much more likely to buy your product or service. Plus, since the majority of searches performed on Google every day are for long-tail keywords (see image below), you can’t afford to ignore the power of long-tail keywords.

  1. Create More Content And Target Keywords You Didn’t previously target

It’s best to check your search rankings after 6 months, and then again every quarter. This will allow you to see if your efforts are working because it will take time for changes in your website’s on-page optimization and off-page optimization to improve your site’s rankings. If they’re not, try creating more content that targets higher ranking keywords that you didn’t previously target. It is important that this content links back to the existing pages of your website or blog so that visitors have a smooth experience when browsing through your site while also helping Google find new content relevant to the topic.

  1. Improve Your Website’s UX (User Experience)

The user experience your website offers is equally if not more important than how it appears in search engines. According to a Manchester SEO Company, “Optimizing for better UX is one of the most powerful long-term growth strategies you can implement.” Improving this will help you rank higher because Google takes into consideration many factors when ranking a site including bounce rate and time on site – which are affected by user experience.

  1. Get Quality Backlinks From Sites With High Domain Authority

Getting backlinks from sites with high domain authority is very important for SEO rankings because it means that they are trusted websites that people go to for advice or information related to their niche area, says Glasgow SEO services. Google is very likely to show websites that they consider to be more trustworthy in their search engine results.

  1. Ensure Your Site Loading Speed Is Optimized

Site speed affects your rankings, bounce rate, and user experience which in turn affects increase SEO ranking. It’s also Google’s stated web spam fighting criteria since “a site that loads quickly enough has a good chance of ranking highly”. If you are serious about improving your rankings this year make sure you optimize loading speed by using caching plugins for WordPress or optimizing images on the server-side. This will ensure that potential visitors won’t leave before even seeing what your website has to offer or get frustrated trying to access pages on your site. This all increases the likelihood of them viewing more pages of your website or blog, increasing your site’s time on site – which is a ranking factor.